Today, the Frisco RoughRiders announced Josh JungĀ has been transferred from Double-A Frisco to Triple-A Round Rock.

This didn’t come as a big surprise since Josh was a top pick and one of the biggest names we’ve been tossing around the last few years.

In 2021 in his 169 at bats for the Riders, Jung hit 10 home runs and 52 hits and 40 RBI, with a .308 batting average. His OBP is .366 and OBS is .910.

We were at the ballpark last night to watch the second of a doubleheader. The Frisco RoughRiders faced Arkansas Travelers, and we could definitely tell we were watching the second of two games. No Josh Jung at 3rd base. maybe because of the call up. Late into the game, Isaias Quiroz, a catcher, was called to take the mound. Quite a shock going from the 101mph fast ball from Arkansas to the 54 mph toss from Frisco. First batter dinged one over the left field fence.

We’re excited to see the Red Raider take the next step toward the big leagues, although the big leagues around here are not exactly the most desirable place to be. For players thought, they know it’s a long journey and I don’t think they get too bogged down in the records of the team you are trying to get to. They know it’s cyclical and the team will come back around…with strong young talent, that is.